Midwest/East Coast Tourdates for November!

We’re heading out again in November, this time to the mighty Midwest and East Coast… Once again, we’ll be heading out with those fabulous gents, Western Settings, and also our own Darius Koski, who’ll be on before them (Darius will be either the 1st of 3 bands, or the 2nd of 4 bands, depending on the night. So SHOW UP EARLY)! His new solo record “What Was Once Is By And Gone” will be out on Fat Wreck Chords November 3… We’re all excited and looking forward to seeing all of your faces in the next few weeks!


Hey there,
Just a little heads up, we added some more shows for our August West Coast tour, and have also posted dates for our November Midwest/East Coast tour. On the November dates, Darius Koski will be the opener, playing with a full band. His new record should be out by then as well… So, show up early!!

West Coast tour in August!

We’ll be hitting the road in August on the West Coast. Check out the shows page for details…

1. Our beloved Miles Peck has called it quits, and is moving on to greener pastures. His last show was Groezrock, so that’s something… We’re all bummed as hell, but them’s are the breaks. For the time being, bass player #4 in the colorful history that is the Utters’ will be played by Tony Teixeira (of Western Addiction, Cobra Skulls, Sciatic Nerve, and about 7 million other bands, most of them with our own “Lovely Luke” Swarm). He’s probably just about young enough to be Johnny or Darius’ son (as is Luke, who is our son), and is currently sporting a very handsome mustache.

2. We bought a new van. Well, not new, but new to us. We can’t actually afford a new van, that’s fucking ridiculous.

3. Darius recorded his 2nd solo album, to be mixed any day now, and released on Fat sometime in October (hopefully).

That’s about it, for now.


We’re coming back to Europe in April! It’s been a couple of years and we’re all excited to come back. We’re especially excited to be playing Groezrock for the first time! Come on out and have fun with a bunch of Americans that hate Trump more than you do!